xplanetFX 2.1.1 - Other GNOME Wallpaper

xplanetFX is a daemon for rendering high quality views of mother earth as wallpaper in real-time (sun, moon and clouds). It comes with a handy GTK interface but is fully usable under CLI.

xplanetFX depends on xplanet and imagemagick and is available as DEB, RPM (untested) and TAR.GZ. The GUI uses pygtk and cairo.

A couple of available templates embed the renderings in different scenes and are downloadable as separate packages which can be easily installed by drag&drop to the themes list in the GUI or since 2.0 directly online via the themepool inside the application.

Features like delayed autostart multi language (japanese, czech, dutch, english, spanish, italian, french, russian, greek and german by now) and a lot of customization make xplanetFX an easy-to-use interface for xplanet drawing the earth in high quality.

The base images of the templates are mostly licensed under creative commons from flickr.com and some free texture stuff from the www.

A lot more information, the users manual and the templates can be obtained under the web adress.

There is a signed repository for the deb package available, please read the infos in the blog under "installation".

Debian(xplanetFX DEB)
Red Hat(xplanetFX RPM (untested))
other(xplanetFX TAR.GZ)

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