Sabily Al-Quds - Network File Sharing

Sharing file or folder between computer is very important service that should have in any operating system included Sabily. Other than sharing by using network hub or switch, if you only have two PC, you still can network it two by connected network cable between them. Sharing on network is more better than sharing by using USB Flash drive in case for less and fast job.
Lets see how I share folder in Sabily with other operating system for example WindowsXP. In this case I am using network switch since I have three PC connect to it for Internet line sharing. This example for sharing folder after you had success installed Sabily operating system.

01. Right click on the folder that you want to share on network. Tick on "Share this folder". Since this is first time to make folder sharing, we need to install Windows network sharing service. Just click on "Install service" button.
02. It will download package file. Make sure your Internet line is good. 
03. Then the software will be install automatically. 
04. Finish installation. Close the "Changes applied" window. 
05. Restart your session. 
06. Now you can share it. 
07. Icon show that the folder is shared. 
Now you can see it on any Windows operating system under network place.

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