H-Craft Championship hover racing game for Ubuntu

H-Craft is a futuristic hovercraft racing game which sees players compete in championships to level up and unlock new vehicles to race with.
It features 28+ racetracks, a unique driving physics simulation, a fresh design, and a challenging Championship mode.
The game, which is over 3 years old, still has pretty sharp 3D graphics with support for high resolutions, texture filtering and anti-aliasing.

The Game

Menu presentation is slick, and the gameplay is smooth and challenging – I found myself falling off the track countless times until I got used to how the hovercraft slides around. The computer competitors are fast around the track as well, and the levels are varied enough.
The developers should also be praised for their choice of music – the soundtrack is certainly fitting.
Although there are no weapons, it still reminds me very much of the popular Wipeoutseries for Sony’s PlayStation.
If development hadn’t ceased (see below) I would probably encourage Irrgheist to focus on improving re-playability, with more incentive for the player to win races and level up (other than simply getting new vehicles, most of which look the same anyway).
It wouldn’t be a bad idea to include weapon pickups either, just to give a bit of a boost to the action and show off the slick visuals with some mean explosions and other particle effects.


There’s a trailer available to watch on YouTube, also embedded below.

Download the free demo / purchase the game

I’m not sure what the future holds for H-Craft Championship as the latest post on Irrgheist’s News Feed is dated September 1st, 2009 which leads me to believe the company may have disbanded.
The company also apparently owns and runs Indie Game Videos (http://indiegamevideos.com) but the latest video on there is nearly a year old.
Either way, you can still pick up the game for around $15.00 USD or download the free demo version for Windows or Linux and enjoy one of the best looking racing games available for Linux.
hcraft3      hcraft5     hcraft1
hcraft2     hcraft4     hcraft6

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