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Install Atolm (Borderless Elementary, GTK Theme Updates) Ubuntu 10.10


Atolm, the new but already popular dark theme created by the Orta author has been updated yesterday. Here's the changelog for Atolms 0.6.5:

  • Speed optimizations, the theme is now faster than Orta
  • Notebook spacing changed.
  • Notebook tabs changed.
  • Nautilus breadcrumbs and mode button improved.
  • Check, radio buttons and tabs now share the same coloring with buttons.
  • White arrows on spinbuttons fixed.
  • Ubuntu Software Center text colors fixed.
  • Emesene status button text color fixed.
  • Pidgin status toggle button text color fixed.
  • Various Evolution Fixes.
  • OpenOffice text visibility fixes.

Download Atolm

Borderless Elementary

Borderless Elementary

Borderless Elementary is just a modified Elementary theme which looks very slick thanks to the removal of the borders and smaller widgets. This theme is ideal for a netbook, but looks great on any screen resolution.

Download Borderless Elementary

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