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Fix Realtek RTL8192SU Ubuntu driver

Here’s quick fix for annoyed users with Realtek RTL8192SU WiFi chipsets wanting some WiFi…
I just bought a new Wi-Fi dongle for my netbook (due to woes with the Broadcom card inside, but that’s a whole other post) and although my no-name budget £10 dongle boasted ‘Linux support’ on the packaging I was a mite miffed to find it incapable of mustering even a faint signal of anything when plugged into my Ubuntu 10.10-running device.
Doubly annoying given it works flawlessly in Natty…
So what’s up?
After Googling around I came up on a bug report titled “Please include firmware for RTL8192SU. The response was illuminating: -
“On 10.04 & 10.10 the firmware is already there but its in the wrong location.”
The solution to is open a terminal and pop in the following command: -
sudo cp -R /lib/firmware/RTL8192SE /lib/firmware/RTL8192SU
Reboot and, fingers crossed, your dongle will be up and receiving – certainly worked for me!
Need to find out what chipset your dongle uses? Plug it in, open a terminal and type ‘lsusb’. All connected USB devices will be listed.

Wi-Fi app ‘inSSIDer 2′ For Ubuntu

The first Linux release of  award-winning open-source Wi-Fi scanner toolinSSIDer 2 has been made available for download.
inssider linux
inSSIDer scans any network(s) available to your WiFi card/dongle and tracks the signal strength over time – even if you’re not connected to it. This makes it an invaluable tool when deciding on a network to join or for detecting performance issues with your own network.


As this release is of alpha quality it is not recommended for users dependant on the use of a stable WiFi scanning tool.
Pre-packaged .deb files are available for both 32bit and 64bit Ubuntu

Wireless Problems

 Wireless troubleshooting procedure to be followed while creating a single, new question at

Please first connect your network card to the wireless router using an ethernet cable (also known as a LAN cable).

In order to gather essential troubleshooting information about your wireless card, please follow this procedure:

Step 1
Open Terminal from “Applications->Accessories->Terminal”

Step 2
Please copy-paste the following diagnostic command from the website using Chromium or Firefox into the Linux Terminal. The command STARTS with the word sudo and ENDS with the word lsmod. So please copy-paste the ENTIRE diagnostic command below from Firefox into a Terminal, press <enter>, then enter password when sudo asks for password, then press enter again.

Tip: If you have a wheel mouse or 3 button mouse you do not need to type commands into the Terminal. Highlight the diagnostic command written on the page. Move your cursor anywhere in the Terminal and press the wheel or middle button. Automatic Copy and paste! No spelling mistakes! No Typos! No other errors!

sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get install hwinfo grep; sudo lshw -C network; rfkill list; 

sudo iwlist scanning; cat /etc/network/interfaces; cat /etc/lsb-release; lspci -nn; lsusb; 

sudo lshw -short; uname -a; dmesg | egrep 'acx|at76|ath|b43|bcm|CX|eth|ipw|irmware|isl|lbtf|ndiswrapper|NPE|ound|prism|rtl|rt2|rt3|usb|witch|wl';  

iwconfig; grep b43 /etc/modprobe.d/*; grep wl /etc/modprobe.d/*; sudo hwinfo --netcard ; 

cat /var/lib/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.state; sudo lsmod

Installing Compact-Wireless patched on Ubuntu Lucid

New package already patched for Ubuntu Lucid:

(for drivers rtl8187, zd1211rw, iwl3945, ath5k, rt73usb, partially injection for rt2800usb)
(include the patch to fix the problem in Airodump-ng --> "mon0 fixed channel: -1")


sudo rmmod rtl8187 zd1211rw mac80211 cfg80211
sudo mkdir /usr/src/drivers
cd /usr/src/drivers
sudo wget
sudo tar jxvf compat-wireless-aircrack-lucid-patched.tar.bz2
cd compat-wireless-aircrack-lucid-patched
sudo make
sudo make install
sudo make unload
- At this point, to use the driver RTL8187 with [b]ALFA- AWUS036H, load the appropriate module with this command:

sudo modprobe rtl8187
- While, for use of the new ALFA- AWUS050NH, load driver RT2800usb:

sudo modprobe rt2800usb

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