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Why wireless network can not reach the maximum rate?
The speed of wireless networks can not reach the maximum speed of IEEE standards, in part because of several factors, the following restrictions: 
· IEEE protocol itself needs to network overhead.  
• Other wireless devices may interfere with wireless transmission.  

* Some of the material surrounding environment can absorb or reflect radio waves, reducing the performance of wireless networks.  
Wireless encryption will also increase the network overhead.  
* Some applications also reduce the performance of wireless networks, such as logging, etc., especially when running a web server ..  
The maximum rate of the wireless network from the IEEE 802.11 specification, the actual data throughput will vary. Network environment and environmental factors, including network capacity, building materials, and network overhead, will be lower actual data throughput.

Wireless card can not find wireless signal

→ Control Panel → Network Connections → Right-click Wireless Network Connection select "View Available Wireless Networks", if prompted to find available wireless area network, please click the following steps to check 

1. If the laptop built-in wireless card, first determine whether the wireless switch, and make sure wireless switch is turned on. (You can confirm or check with the laptop notebook manufacturers instructions)  
2. Wireless network card and router in one room, in the middle do not have obstacles, close try. If you can see around the other network, but only with their own network to see, modify the wireless channel, try to change the channel in the relatively far away from the 6 channel, such as 1 or 11  
3. Try to reset the router.  

How to set up a wireless router, wireless signal to obtain stable

In practice, the stability of the wireless signal and connection speeds many factors, here are a few:  
(1) reduce the frequency interference:   
We found a wireless network would choose to band theory, the same bands too much can seriously affect the wireless network signal strength, which means that if your home's wireless signal with the house band and other bands, like the wireless signal transmission , then to some extent, both the wireless network will be affected. So when the network is unstable through a wireless router to replace a signal transmission frequency band is a good way. As a wireless router select "Auto Scan Channel"  
Number of AP and several wireless routers as long as the SSID name and the band will not interfere with each other in different, nature will not affect your data. There is too much the same frequency band will have a wireless network interference.
(2) refusing to DHCP packets:   
DHCP service can help us automatically assigned IP address of the computer network, but in actual use DHCP can cause network instability, for example, to re-obtain IP leases to find other computers on the network is already using the IP address or the computer and wireless frequent consultations between the routers DHCP information.   
For the average home user, the number of computers in the network are not many, can manually set the IP address and other network parameters to reduce the DHCP packets. As shown below:   
(3) improve the stability of deceleration:   
Example: I talked to neighbors to form a wireless network, he is the D-Link wireless router, my side is the D-Link wireless AP, the recent frequent disconnection, when the connection speed is very slow. The inspection found that more do not know when a Linksys device takes up channel 6, as long as he connected for a power to influence the quality of the original ping packet loss rates have climbed from 1% to 50%. Transmit signal frequency after adjustment to channel 1, two channel 1 who knows the equipment found in the vicinity, yet there are 5 sub-channel 11 wireless. Solution?   
Wireless network is now very popular shows, because the wireless network with the band will interfere with each other 13 bands was not enough so we use, and how to solve this problem? Wireless router will typically have a wireless network mode setting function, the wireless devices can work mode changes from the 802.11g 802.11b. Although the speed is reduced, but it brings the benefits of stability, so to some extent, allows us to reduce the transmission speed wireless network more stable.

Using a wireless router set six steps

Restrict the use of wireless router to set the six steps, as follows:
  1. Modify the user name and password (do not use the default user name and password)
  Generally through home wireless network through a wireless router or repeater to access the external network. Often these router or repeater equipment manufacturers in order to facilitate user to set these devices to build wireless networks, provide a management tool page. This page tools can be used to set the device's network address and account number and other information. In order to ensure that only the device owner can use this management tool page, the device usually has a login screen, only enter the correct user name and password of the user to enter the administration page. However, when the equipment is sold, the manufacturer of equipment for each model to provide a default user name and password are the same, unfortunately, many home users to buy the equipment back, not to modify the device's default user name and password. This allows hackers to take advantage. They have to do a simple scan tool can easily find out the address of the device and try to use the default user name and password to visit the administration section, if successful, immediate access to the router / switch control.
  2. The use of encryption
  All wireless networks are providing some form of encryption. Many wireless router or AP at the factory, data transmission encryption feature is turned off, if you brought on by without further settings, then your wireless network to become a "defenseless" in the display. Therefore, in order to encrypt your wireless network settings are extremely important. Wireless routers usually have WEP encryption and more secure WPA encryption. However, the wireless card does not support the early WPA encryption.
  3. Modify the default service area identifier (SSID)
  Typically, each wireless network has a service area identifier (SSID), wireless client needs to join the network when the need to have a same SSID, otherwise it will be "shut out." Usually the router / repeater equipment manufacturers in their products are a default set the same SSID. For example, the SSID linksys equipment is usually "linksys". If a network does not specify an SSID or just use the default SSID, then any wireless client can access the network. No doubt this is the network hackers an open door.
  4. Prohibit SSID broadcast
  In wireless networks, the routing device has a very important function, that is, service area identifier broadcast, the SSID broadcast. Initially, this function is mainly for those wireless network clients particularly large flows of commercial wireless networks and design. SSID broadcast turned on the wireless network, the routing device automatically to their wireless networks within range of clients broadcast their SSID, wireless networks the client receives the SSID number, number can use this SSID to use this network. However, this feature is there is a big security risk, as if it automatically into the network for hackers to open the door. In the commercial network, because in order to meet the constantly changing wireless network access points, security must be sacrificed to open this feature, but as a home wireless network is concerned, members of the network is relatively fixed, so no need to turn this feature.
  5. Set MAC address filtering
  As we all know, is basically a network of contacts for each device has a unique identifier called the physical address or MAC address, of course, wireless network equipment is no exception. All routers / repeaters and other equipment will keep track of all routing packets through their source MAC address. Often, many of these devices provide the MAC address of the operation, so that we can create our own standards through the MAC address list, to prevent the illegal equipment (host, etc.) access network. Of the settings in the wireless router, enable MAC address filtering, we should note that, in the "filter rules" be sure to select "Only allow MAC address list has been established already in force in the MAC address to access the wireless network" such option.
  6. Canceled DHCP, as you assign a static IP network equipment
  As more and more easy to set up DHCP service, many home wireless networks using the DHCP service to network clients for the dynamic allocation of IP. This led to another safety hazard, that is, access network attacks through the DHCP client service is easy to get to a valid IP. However, members are fixed in the home network, we can for the members of the network device is assigned a fixed IP address, and then amassing the router settings allow the access device IP address list, which can effectively prevent the illegal invasion and protect your network .

Forget the wireless router's user name and password how to do
Forget the wireless router's user name and password can only be reset by the hardware, will restore the router to factory settings.

Reset steps to WR541G + wireless router as an example: a logo on the router for the RESET of the hole, this is the reset button . Power state, to find
A spikes press RESET button for 5 seconds, SYS LED flashes 3 times quickly release the RESET button, reset successful.

Note: After reset the router IP as the default landing , default user name / password is admin / admin . When landing, make sure your computer
The IP address 192.168.1.X (2 ≤ X ≤ 254) segment.

More wireless products reset method, see the Network Classroom article " Wireless reset 

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