Hedgewars sees special 0.9.15 Winter Release

Hedgewars, a popular open source Worms-like strategy game, has received a winter update which brings a variety of new features.
Worms fans will recognize the game which runs natively on a variety of platforms, as it heavily takes inspiration from the 2D turn-based strategy game we all know and love.

Version 0.9.15 – the Winter update

The developers have released version 0.9.15 which they’ve dubbed a “winter release” and it brings a variety of new features, weapons and bug fixes.
Winter has never looked this cool
  • There’s a new theme to chill in: Christmas!
  • Let it snow! Watch the ground on maps using the Christmas and Snow themes, because the falling snow may change it to your advantage or disadvantage.
New weapons
  • Are your enemies busy digging for oh-so-tasty earthworms instead of facing combat? Time to send a Drill Strike after them!
  • You want to push somebody from distance? Weapons are too expensive for you? You like to play in dirt or snow? A Mud Ball* should do the trick! (*wind effected; not recommended to be used as food replacement)
Optional Gameplay modes
  • Capture the Flag! Bring your enemy’s flag to your home while protecting your own!
  • No Jumping! The temporary loss of floor contact makes you feel insecure? Then play without jumping and see new strategies evolve!
  • Random Weapon! You want to test your luck and skill? Then let the game give you and your enemies a random weapon each turn!
Draw your own maps
  • YES, you read that right! Now you can create and save your own hand-drawn maps and play them on any theme you want and with who you want!
Fans of the game will be especially pleased with the last feature in the list, which gives you the ability to create any level your brain can come up with. Don’t be tooprovocative however as the developers ask “please do not use maps with motives not suitable for children on the official server, thanks!”

Download and install now

Head on over to hedgewars.org/download.html to grab the latest version.
You can build from source or use PlayDeb to get the latest packages in Ubuntu.

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