Starry – A New 3D Space Shooter in a Retro Style

Starry is a new space shooter that is vaguely reminiscent of the classic X-Wing/Tie Fighter series, although the style is totally unique. Graphically, the game is beautiful. With simple wireframe and flat-shaded rendering and 8 bit music, it’s a modern game with a retro feel. The game is rail based so there is no worry about getting lost or fighting to figure out a radar system, just simple, fun 3D spaceship blasting.
As they say, a screenshot is worth 1000 words:
Starry - A Beautiful Space Shooter
If a video is more to your tastes, there is some in game footage here.

Download the Demo

There is a demo available to download from the website. Just simply extract the .tar.gz for your architecture, double click “starry” and click “Run”.

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