How to customize the font and color of the panel clock in Ubuntu and Linux Mint Mate

If you are using the Mate edition of Linux Mint ( either 13 or 14), the default clock at the right corner will look like this
I will show you a small trick to change the font and color of this clock widget to make it look somehow like this:
The trick is pretty simple. First, you will need to get the Digital font. Just download it here then install it.

Next, create a file named .gtkrc-2.0 in the home folder and copy-paste the following lines into it:
 style "my-panel-clock"  
 fg[NORMAL] = "#272727"
 font_name = "DS-Digital Bold 12"  
 widget "*.clock-applet-button.*" style "my-panel-clock"  

After that, just hit Alt+F2 and run the following command to reset the bottom panel:
 pkill mate-panel  

Note: You can edit the font, size and the color code in the .gtkrc-2.0 file to meet your preference.


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