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This theme is a small attempt to make one good (convenient) desktop instead of thousands beauty but... ugh,.. useless (sic! :( ) themes.

So I added colours to one of standard FC theme - Nodoka. It simply makes window buttons much MORE VISIBLE. Something alike was made in and, for XFCE by me at

Thus I present NodokaC.

I build it for myself using standard metacity xml. New button colours are given inside metacity-theme-1.xml in web-#HHHHHH format. Feel free to look in metacity-theme-1.xml and change it if you like. Search-and-replace should help you change it in every place where needed. Other colours are tuned via gtk-theme as usual.

Download file and unpack into ~/.themes folder. Archive contains also files from original Nodoka theme for convenience. Select theme NodokaC for metacity using standard measures of distro (smth. like gnome-appearance-properties->Modify->Window->Select from the list). 
Effect is immediate (for my F10).


v.0.0 Original version. TODO: edit icons bitmaps to increase icons contrast and visibility.

v.0.1. Added alternate colour for "unmaximize" button (see screenshot). I edit icon bitmaps for better visibility

source UbuntuArt

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