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Popular first person shooter World of Padman has received a much-awaited new release which brings the 6 year old game up to version 1.5.
The game, originally started in 2004 as a modification of Quake III: Arena, is an open source cross-platform shooter loosely based on the Padman comic strip for the magazine Playstation Games which originated in the 1990s.
The current iteration of the game now runs on an enhanced version of the ever-so-prominent ioquake3 engine to deliver some updated slick visuals which compliment the fun gameplay.
Version 1.5 brings a heap of new changes as the announcement boasts:
“Countless things have been revised and partly modified. There is a new game type, new maps, new player models, a new weapon, new powerups and much more. You might be in for some surprises.”

Download it now

You can grab the latest version of World of Padman for Ubuntu by heading over to the official announcement and choosing a mirror.
Be warned, the download is 900mb!

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