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The RaveH20 Team is very proud to announce the immediate release of:
The RaveH20 4 GTK GUI Theme Codename:"Danger Days" This Version has been in development for over 9 mouths! And sees a major overhaul and cleanup in practically all areas of this GTK theme.

The RaveH20 4 Theme Aims to be an Original (As in Originality and Uniqueness) and beautiful Shiny Theme. Meaning it doesn't try to mimic,copy or by any means ripoff other Themes or Operating System GUIs. It only tries to be a unique beautiful first class version of it's self. Its also aims to a 100% Free and Legal Theme For Linux,BSD and any other OpenSource desktops, useing GTK, Gnome , XFCE , LXDE or other desktops, It does not use artwork or graphics Stolen or taken from unauthorized sources, RaveH20 4 Only includes content Licensed Under the GPL/LGPL (v.2) Created by Us or others! You "should" be safe in distributing or modifying RaveH20 4 for your own commercial or personal needs. So feel free to use RaveH20 4 in your own distribution, Community,Commercial or Personal Etc. *We cannot make any legal warranty to this however as we are a group of volunteers.*

This GTK GUI Theme Provides Windows Borders and a Unique Widget Theme (GTK2 + Metacity Theme) it works on the Gnome,XFCE,LXDE and other GTK Based desktops!

RaveH20 4 GTK GUI Theme comes in two versions:

1.) Night Edition - A Dark Theme with a Beautiful Shiny Black Panel
2.) Lights Edition - A Light Theme with a Beautiful Shiny White Panel
(!) We recommend you use both the Icon theme and the GTK theme in parallel (together)
Night Edition Icons go with Night Edition GTK GUI Theme(This)

Grab the RaveH20 4 Icon Theme! (seen in the image and ment to go with this theme) now out!


Created By The RaveH20 Team! The Open Source Theme Team!

(see are Website)

If you would like to submit fixes or other changes please email us


Please gives us feedback! we are a community project that trys its best to listen to you! :) you may report bugs bellow or by emailing us (preferd)

HEY! If you like the theme please spread the word (by linking to are blog or this page) we a community project that you can be a part of! see are website for details


Major overhaul and cleanup in practically all areas of the theme both the Icon and the GTK Themes. This Theme is 100% GPL!
This theme is fully compatible with the icons theme! This means Dark or Light Themes available!


You can Install this theme on any open source desktop with the Gnome or XFCE Desktop. (or any GTK for that Matter)

EZ (Howto Install)

1.) Right Click on Desktop
2.) Click Change Background
3.) Click on the themes tab
4.) Drag The Theme Package you just downloaded to the theme window, to auto install!
(!) Download Includes pre-packed Theme, Change log and howto install (Advanced) Methods.

Hey! What Version Do I Want?:

1.) Night Edition - A Dark Theme with a Beautiful Shiny Black Panel
2.) Lights Edition - A Light Theme with a Beautiful Shiny White Panel

(!) Pre-Packed in this theme's Tar file is comprehensive and easy to fallow install instructions and alot more documentation about it! check it out!

Easy PDF Instructions Coming soon!

(RaveH20 4 GUI Theme Night Edtion (any distro)

(RaveH20 4 GUI Theme Lights Edtion(any distro)

(RaveH20 4 GUI Theme Night (Mirror 1)

(RaveH20 4 GUI Theme Lights (Mirror 1)

Source UbuntuArt

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