Installing Compact-Wireless patched on Ubuntu Lucid

New package already patched for Ubuntu Lucid:

(for drivers rtl8187, zd1211rw, iwl3945, ath5k, rt73usb, partially injection for rt2800usb)
(include the patch to fix the problem in Airodump-ng --> "mon0 fixed channel: -1")


sudo rmmod rtl8187 zd1211rw mac80211 cfg80211
sudo mkdir /usr/src/drivers
cd /usr/src/drivers
sudo wget
sudo tar jxvf compat-wireless-aircrack-lucid-patched.tar.bz2
cd compat-wireless-aircrack-lucid-patched
sudo make
sudo make install
sudo make unload
- At this point, to use the driver RTL8187 with [b]ALFA- AWUS036H, load the appropriate module with this command:

sudo modprobe rtl8187
- While, for use of the new ALFA- AWUS050NH, load driver RT2800usb:

sudo modprobe rt2800usb


  1. Could you please make a mirror for this package
    Because link to it does not work anymore.

  2. u can download manually and install currently the link working for me..


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