You must have known CPU-z, a windows application that lets you to find out Hardware information of your system. Now we have similar application named CPU-G with actually have same function and 'interface' that's run on ubuntu.
How to install CPU-G on Ubuntu

First before you install it, download CPU-z source installer (*.deb) here, wait until download process finish, go to CPU-G download directory then type following command in your terminal
    sudo dpkg -i cpu-g_0.9.0_i386.deb 
    sudo apt-get -f install 

change "cpu-g_0.9.0_i386.deb" with CPU-G file installer you have download.

How to run CPU-G on Ubuntu

How to install it is quiet simple, open your terminal or type ALT + F2. then type "cpu-g" there. The CPU-G should running on. [thanks to tahutek.net]

source http://www.ubuntubuzz.com/

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