Enable Snow on ubuntu desktop using compiz fusion

This tutorial shows how to enable snow on your ubuntu desktop using compiz fusion plugin.It is tested in ubuntu 9.10(karmic).
First,make sure you have compiz installed and enabled 3D effect.You can click here for this information.
Download following plugin:
for amd64 user:
for i386 user:
double click to install,or use this in terminal(Applications/Accessories/Terminal):

sudo dpkg -i package_name


Previous deb package might be old for your Ubuntu, here is how to compile and install the snow plugin from source code.
First, install the required packages:

sudo apt-get install build-essential git libtool
Then,use git command to download the source:
git clone git://anongit.compiz.org/fusion/plugins/snow
Navigate to the new created folder, and make and make install:
cd snow
make && make install

Now, open CCSM and you should the the “Snow” option in Extras.

Setting Up :

After this,open System->Preferences->CompizConfig-Settings-Manager.TickSnow in Extra tab.
Now,press win(Windows super key)+F3 key combination and see effect!

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