Multiple Windows Conky

You can display multiple different Conky windows, simply create a new .conkyrc file and save it, for example as .conkyrc2, then run:
conky -c .conkyrc2 &
If you want conky to run on start up ( no matter how many conky you got) simply creat a startup_sh config.


sleep 9

conky -c .conkyrc &

conky -c .conkyrc2 &

conky -c .conkyrc3 & 

conky -c .conkyrc4 &

conky -c .conkyrc5 &

conky -c .conkyrc6 &

Then create an Startup Application. Under System->Preferences
And at command line field.

/bin/sh /home/username/.startconky
make sure you execute the file. Find the file , go to permision and tick the execute box.

Enjoy Conky On StartUp.

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