gSharkDown Download music on Ubuntu

gSharkDown is a GNOME desktop application for downloading and playing audio files from the grooveshark  service. It is based on the groove-dl library from George Stephanos.


Some of the importart features:
  • GNOME Desktop integration
  • Ease to use
  • Playlist with loop option
  • Song information with album picture
  • Remembers the playlist on exit
  • Notifications on track change (disabled by default)
  • Multimedia Keys support under GNOME Desktop


gSharkDown depends on the following libraries:
  • pygtk2 (python-gtk2 == 2.18)
  • ConfigObj (python-configobj)
  • python-gobject
  • python-gstreamer0.10
1.- Find your artist or song

2.- find your song and clicking on the +

Before you configure the folder where you download, the song right click on the icon bar of the program preferences, and finally her song download.

Download at

Source and credit to The website for all Linux Mint users
Special thanks to Ubuntu Untuk Malaysia

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